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Algo Trade Fractional Shares With Alpaca and Robinhood

You can now buy and sell fractional shares with both Alpaca and Robinhood. You can trade in notional dollar amounts or with a fractional quantity. This feature is useful for smaller accounts that want to trade more expensive names like AMZN.

Reset TradersPost Paper Account

Set your account balance to something other than the default $100000 account size. It is now possible to reset the balances and delete order history on TradersPost paper accounts without having to delete and recreate the entire account.

TradeStation Now Supports Take Profit and Stop Losses

It is now possible to use take profit and stop loss orders attached to your entries when using TradeStation! This feature is useful for strategies that require a percentage take profit and or stop loss order attached to their entry orders.

Shorting Is Available!

TradersPost customers now have the ability to take the short side when trading automated strategies. When we launched TradersPost in early 2021, we launched long only with plans to release short trading at a later date. Well that date is here!

Launching the TradersPost Community

Are you looking for an algo trading community? You came to the right place, my friend! Join the TradersPost community and get knowledge from other experienced traders. As a member of our community, you will have access to free information and educational material to further your trading strategy. You will also be able to chat with other members in our community as well as get answers to any questions you have about trading!

Partnership with RealLifeTrading

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with RealLifeTrading to offer automated trading services to all RLT customers! RealLifeTrading is a trading and financial education company that enriches the lives of others by offering mentally liberating financial education!

Support for TradeStation added to TradersPost!

After a few months of hard work and testing, we are excited to announce that TradeStation is available for both paper and live trading on TradersPost!

TradersPost Opens To Paying Customers

We are excited to announce that we are open to paying customers! After several months of building, testing and paper trading, we are ready to release TradersPost to the world.

TradersPost Goes Live

TradersPost is live and accepting paper trading beta testers as of today. We've been hard at work internally beta testing the first version of TradersPost with LIVE money. We are looking forward to opening for paying customers in February!

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