Blog Post TradersPost adds Mike Christensen as Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Wage Jonathan Wage

Jonathan Wage

Adding to the leadership team, TradersPost has added Mike Christensen as a late Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. Mike brings 20 years of engineering experience, over a decade of startup experience as a founder, and combined discretionary and algorithmic trading to TradersPost.

Early in his career, he built performance marketing tools and aggregated shopping comparison widgets to the affiliate marketing space before pivoting into Fintech in 2017.

Mike's experience in investing and trading capital markets, engineering SaaS products, building growth marketing strategies, developing improved onboarding experiences, testing product changes, developing strategic partnerships, and fundraising will be a valued addition to the TradersPost team. In addition to founding and building his own companies, Mike has previously held senior and leadership roles at IHS Markit (S&P Global), and startups in the virtual reality space and cryptocurrency banking space.

"Building TradersPost has been an incredible journey so far. I knew from pretty early on that I wanted to find a co-founder and business partner. I went through countless 'dates' with other potential co-founders but none of them felt right," said Jonathan Wage, CEO. "Then, when I met Mike, I knew that we needed to work together. Our passion for technology and financial markets were so well aligned that it was a perfect fit."

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