Bot Examples

The examples in this document intend to demonstrate how you can build trading bots but they are not actual real strategies meant to be used live. They are purely educational and demonstrative.

Trade from Discord

This example allows you to setup a Discord bot that will respond to messages and send trade signals to TradersPost when messages that match a specific pattern are sent to a channel.

To get started, create a new directory where you can test your bot examples:

$ mkdir botexamples
$ cd botexamples

Now install the symfony/http-client and team-reflex/discord-php dependencies using composer.

$ composer require symfony/http-client
$ composer require php-imap/php-imap

Now create a new file named discordbot.php and paste the following code inside. Be sure to replace the $token and $webhookUrl variables with your own values.


include __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use Discord\Discord;
use Discord\Parts\Channel\Message;
use Symfony\Component\HttpClient\HttpClient;

$token = 'paste your discord bot token here';

$discord = new Discord([
    'token' => $token,

$discord->on('ready', function ($discord) {
    $discord->on('message', function ($message, $discord) {
        $content = $message->content;

        preg_match_all('/(BUY|SELL) ([\d+]) ([A-Z]{1,5})/i', $content, $matches);

        if (!isset($matches[3][0])) {

        $action = strtolower($matches[1][0]);
        $quantity = $matches[2][0];
        $ticker = strtoupper($matches[3][0]);

        $payload = [
            'action' => $action,
            'quantity' => $quantity,
            'ticker' => $ticker,

        $webhookUrl = 'paste your TradersPost webhook url here';

        $client = HttpClient::create();

        $response = $client->request('POST', $webhookUrl, [
            'json' => $payload



Now you can run the bot.

$ php discordbot.php

Now if you go to the channel in Discord where your bot is, you can type messages like the following to send signals to TradersPost.

Again, this is purely an educational example to demonstrate the plumbing of how TradersPost works. If you had a strategy tied to the webhook and a subscription for the strategy tied to your broker, then you would have gotten an order in your broker to buy a quantity of 5 TSLA.

To build a real automated trading bot you can combine this example with a service like to get live real-time market data and build your own completely custom trading strategies and TradersPost can handle the integrations with your broker.

If you are interested building your own custom automated trading strategies, give TradersPost a try and Register your free account today! If you have any questions, join our Community or email us at [email protected].