Getting Started

This document aims to help you get started with your TradersPost account. It will teach you to connect a broker and create a subscription for the MOMO trading strategy.

Connect a Broker

Hover over Brokers in the main navigation menu and click Connected Brokers.

Once you arrive on this page, choose the broker you wish to connect. For the purposes of this document, we will connect an Alpaca account. Click the Alpaca row to continue to the next step.

After clicking on Alpaca you will be presented with a page asking you to login to your Alpaca account.

If you don’t already have an Alpaca account, create one here

After logging in to your Alpaca account, Alpaca will ask you to authorize TradersPost to access your account. Click Allow to continue.

Now you have your Alpaca account connected to TradersPost.

Create a Subscription

Hover over Strategies and click Subscriptions.

Now click New Subscription to view the list of available strategies to subscribe to.

Click the Subscribe button next to the MOMO strategy created by WageNet.

Now you will see a form to create a New Subscription.

Enter the details of your MOMO subscription in this form.