Order Queueing

Order queueing is a beta feature that is not enabled by default for all users. If you wish to help beta test order queueing, please email [email protected]

Some brokers do not consistently support sending orders after the market closes and these brokers sometimes may reject the order instead of queueing it for the next market open. In a perfect world, they would all behave the same and accept the order and queue it for the next market open. In these scenarios, TradersPost will not immediately send the order to the broker and will queue it be sent at the next market open.


If the market is closed and TradersPost receives a strategy signal, we will queue the trade orders on our side under certain scenarios and send them to the broker at the start of the next market open. We will only queue the trade orders under these specific scenarios.

Both Sides

If the trade plan has both an exit and entry order. We do this because we have to wait for the exit order to fill before being able to submit the entry order. If we submit the market exit order when the market is closed, the order will never fill or may be rejected by the broker.

Regular Orders in Extended Hours

If the trade plan has an exit or entry order, they are regular non extended hours orders and the broker does not support sending regular orders in extended hours. These are the brokers which do not support sending non extended hours orders after close.


Alpaca doesn’t directly enforce any timing rules. They simply accept all orders and then route them to one of several execution partners. Each partner has slightly different rules. Some of these partners may reject non extended hours orders in extended hours after Alpaca accepts the order and sends it to the partner. This means that non extended hours orders sent in extended hours may get rejected. Because of this, we will queue these trade orders and send them to Alpaca at the start of the next market open.