Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about TradersPost.

Can I paper trade with my TD Ameritrade account?

TD Ameritrade does not support paper trading. Only the ThinkOrSwim platform supports paper trading and ThinkOrSwim does not provide an API for TradersPost to integrate with. If you would like to get started paper trading, you can register a free account with Alpaca.

Do I need a TradingView account?

No. You can subscribe to existing strategies that have been published on TradersPost. An account on TradingView is only required if you want to connect your own custom strategies to TradersPost.

Does TradersPost require coding?

No. TradersPost does not require coding. You can easily connect strategies to TradersPost that other traders have created and published on TradingView.

Can I trade both the long and short side of a strategy?

Currently taking both sides of a strategy is a feature that is currently in beta and is only available for paper trading.

Does TradersPost support crypto?

Not yet, but it is on the roadmap.

Does TradersPost support options?

Yes, please email [email protected] if you wish to have options enabled on your account.

What brokers does TradersPost support?

TradersPost currently integrates with TD Ameritrade, Alpaca, TradeStation and Robinhood.

Can I trade my IRA (retirement), business and other specialty account types on TradersPost?

Yes, TD Ameritrade and TradeStation both support these specialty account types.

What happens to existing positions when I connect my broker?

If you connect an account with existing open positions, TradersPost will not do anything to those positions unless your strategy subscription has those tickers selected. It is up to you to be sure your manual trading does not conflict with the tickers being managed by TradersPost. It is recommended that you use an account dedicated to TradersPost but we do not strictly disallow you from trading manually in the same account.

How old is TradersPost?

TradersPost was founded by Jonathan Wage on January 1st 2021.

Is TradersPost free?

TradersPost is free to get started. You can paper trade for free for 90 days. Once you are ready to trade live with real money, a paid subscription is required.

I don't have a supported broker, how can I get started?

TradersPost comes with an unlimited amount of free paper accounts that lets you test strategies and get familiar with the platform.

Does TradersPost support ThinkOrSwim?

Yes, we support TD Ameritrade accounts with ThinkOrSwim advanced features disabled. If you have ThinkOrSwim advanced features enabled, you may experience unexpected behavior and you will not have the ability to use OCO take profit and stop loss orders. It is recommended to use TradersPost with accounts that have ThinkOrSwim advanced features disabled.