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Built by traders, for traders

TradersPost enables users of tools like TradingView and TrendSpider to automate trading strategies and connect them to their broker without the need to do any coding.

We want to help traders and investors make better decisions by providing tools that simplify the complexity of trading and empower them to quickly test ideas with automation. We want to make automated trading accessible and affordable to anyone, regardless of financial background.

We’re here to help

Our passion is helping others succeed. TradersPost exists to make trading automation software more widely available and easier to use than ever. Join our community or contact us if you have any questions.


Automated trading systems have historically been unavailable and very difficult to use for retail traders. I founded TradersPost to make it easier for retail traders to automate trading strategies using easy to use web based software.

Jonathan H. Wage

Founder / CEO at TradersPost

Meet our team

TradersPost was founded by traders and was built for traders! Our team is passionate about making automated trading more accessible to developers, traders, businesses and everyday investors.

  • Jonathan H. Wage

    Jonathan H. Wage

    Founder / CEO

    Jonathan founded TradersPost in January of 2021 with the mission of making automated trading more accessible to the world. What started as a personal project to automate his own personal trading has grown into a business with customers all over the world.

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