Automated Trading

TradersPost can automate trading bots with stocks, crypto, options and futures trading strategies from TradingView or TrendSpider in popular brokers like Tradovate, TradeStation, Coinbase, Interactive Brokers and Alpaca.

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How It Works

TradersPost is simple and easy to use. You focus on building your strategy and we take care of executing it directly in your broker.


Build Your Strategy

Build and backtest your trading strategy using your preferred charting software like TradingView or TrendSpider.


Send Alerts to TradersPost

Setup your strategy to send alert webhooks to TradersPost when you want to execute a trade.

   "ticker": "TSLA",
   "action": "buy",
   "price": "1033.42"

Connect to TradersPost

Securely connect your trading platform to TradersPost with one click and execute trades automatically when your strategy sends an alert.


Monitor Your Trades

Easily monitor your trades and manage all your positions and orders across multiple accounts from one easy to use user interface.

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All-in-one platform

TradersPost is designed to make trading faster and easier. Pick your preferred broker from our broker list, connect your strategies to the broker, and you’re ready to automate your trades!

Backtest your strategies using popular charting software like TradingView or TrendSpider.
Place orders directly in your broker from TradingView strategies.
Place orders directly in your broker from TrendSpider strategies.
Paper Trading
Paper trade free for 7 days to test your trading strategies with TradersPost.
Send your trading signals to TradersPost from easy to use webhooks.
Get notifications from your automated trading strategies.
Trade your IRA
Trade your retirement accounts with automated trading strategies.
Multiple Asset Classes
Trade multiple asset classes like stocks, options and futures from automated trading strategy strategies.
Multiple Accounts
Run your automated trading strategies in multiple accounts from one unified interface.
Unified Trading UI
Manage all your trading activites across multiple accounts from one easy to use user interface.
Mobile Friendly
TradersPost works great on mobile devices too in addition to the desktop.
Broker API
Unified and standardized Broker API that makes it easy to build trading functionality in to your application.

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Trades Executed

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Why Customers Love Us


“Started using this only from last few weeks. I like the returns, that too with little/no time and effort invested. With great Transparency. Received quick support whenever needed.”

Kiran Mamidipalli Image
Kiran Mamidipalli, TradersPost Customer Review


“Trading the US market from Australia is hard enough with out battling the time difference. Traders post has allowed me to run my strategy on autopilot and get some sleep while making some money. John has been helpful and always available if I have had any queries, the system itself is ready to use too. Highly recommend and look forward to seeing what future developments are added.”

Tim Farquhar Image
Tim Farquhar, TradersPost Customer Review


“Traderspost is awesome, works just how I hoped it would, the founder is awesome I could see this platform being as big as Etoro one day.”

Default Image
Jake Crawford, TradersPost Customer Review


“Slick service that handles stocks, options and futures. Continuously improving and adding new features.”

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Landon, TradersPost Customer Review


“Traderspost is very well built (Webhook to exchange/broker integration) and it works well. If you have right strategy or indicator, this is the tool you need to look for as its easy to use and a lot of paper trading options.”

Default Image
Hari Chanda, TradersPost Customer Review


“Best platform for algorythmic trading. Traderspost takes the struggle out of having to code API's to each broker and having consolidated subscriptions with extra rulesets based on the subscription preferences makes this top dog from all other platforms used. Easily integrate signals from any webhook such as python, tradingview, trendspider, etc.. Customer service is fast and always on the spot although honestly there have really been no issues and has been a very stable and reliable platform. I'd be in a coding zoo mess without this as well as no ability to indirectly share my algos in realtime.”

Jonathan Haggas Image
Jonathan Haggas, TradersPost Customer Review


“Jonathan did a great job with TradersPost and is constantly looking for ways to improve the service!”

Robert Falco Image
Robert Falco, TradersPost Customer Review


“I am using TradersPost for the purpose of having a webhook connection to place trades with my broker. It has worked exactly like intended since I began. There was a learning process to get the webhook going but only about an hour. With help from the documentation tab, I was trading quickly. So far well worth the money !”

Default Image
Gary, TradersPost Customer Review


“TradersPost allows me to a trade which is humanly impossible. Dozens of trades on multiple assets executed flawlessly while I sit back and relax. The dev team is very responsive and has many new features coming down the road. I am excited to see how TradersPost develops over the coming months.”

Default Image
EDAU, TradersPost Customer Review


“Very easy to use, has every setting you need. And it handles futures! Excellent documentation and good support.”

Sjoerd van der Galie Image
Sjoerd van der Galie, TradersPost Customer Review


“TradersPost is a great software to automate your trading strategy. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. The best part is you're able to join a community of like-minded individuals.”

Anthony Image
Anthony, TradersPost Customer Review


“Traderspost is easy to get setup and ready to use. They have awesome customer service if you need anything.”

Jonathan Stephens Image
Jonathan Stephens, TradersPost Customer Review


“Awesome app for traders who don't have the time or self discipline to monitor markets and place trades during the day. Super successful strategy, really easy to set up, amazing personal customer support. Get it!”

Default Image
Jack Walen, TradersPost Customer Review


“Fantastic platform! If you're interested in automating a trading strategy from TV or TS, TradersPost is the place. Excellent customer service, too! I look forward to future updates!”

Default Image
Combustion Zone, TradersPost Customer Review

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